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RO <strong>Patcher</strong> Lite, v2.4.14.734 - last updated 2017/03/03 - Page 2.

RO Patcher Lite, v2.4.14.734 - last updated 2017/03/03 - Page 2. ========================= ### Open Kore what-will-become-2.1 ========================= Features: - New Server Types and localized tables for official servers (k Lab Mouse, Technology, h4rry_84, Eternal Harvest) - Support for s and status handles in confuration, allows to use duplicate names (Technology, Eternal Harvest) - A lot of changes and additions in network; k RO Server Type tree (Technology) - Default fieldpack updates: New World, Brasilis (midnytblu) - Default tablepack updates (Mushroom, help_us, Technology, Eternal Harvest) - Builtin console command help updates (manticora) - Additions in Wx interface (Eternal Harvest) - Captcha support (Technology) - "party request Player Name" (Eternal Harvest) - Pet system improvements: capture, hatch, info, feed; equip armors trough eq (Technology) - Quest system: "quest" command; tables/(Technology, k Lab Mouse, obsc) - Cooking: "cook" command (Technology) - Refining: "refine" command (Technology) - Show Equip: "se" command (Technology) - Deleting homunculus: "homun fire" (Technology) - Use s on homun/merc: "ssl" command (Eternal Harvest) - Battleground chat: "bg" command (Eternal Harvest) - Map aliases and instances support (Technology) - Hidden Enchant support (Eternal Harvest) - Server rates info (Zloba) - Custom NPC sequences before standard b/s dialog: sell Auto_npc_steps, buy Auto.npc_steps (Eternal Harvest) - target_is Not My Devotee conf option (Technology) - "devotion" message domain, so you can squelch it (Technology) - generator moved to a plugin (Eternal Harvest) - Improved messages about unknown and unhandled packets (Technology) - Protect actor hashes from autovivification (k Lab Mouse, Eternal Harvest) - Local SCons update (k Lab Mouse) Translation updates by: - Indonesian: h4rry_84 - Traditional Chinese: littlewens - Portuguese: Mushroom - Russian: Deni Zka, manticora Ongoing updates for supported servers by: - b RO: Mushroom, dejaime - eu RO: Eternal Harvest - f RO: Mi Da M - id RO: h4rry_84 - i RO: twist3d, Motivus, Eternal Harvest - k RO: Technology - m RO: help_us - p RO: midnytblu - r RO: k Lab Mouse, 4ep T, Eternal Harvest - t RO: Ultima Weapon - tw RO: littlewens Fixes: - help console command output (manticora) - Allow lvl to be optional in use Self_s (Eternal Harvest) - Wrong month in show Time Domains Format (lolzorbot) - auto Response not working (Eternal Harvest) - Excess flooding with background color in Console (Eternal Harvest) - Outgoing chat and chatroom encoding (Technology) - Rewrite of auto S/Stat Raise, they're Tasks now (Technology, Eternal Harvest) - auto Move On Death_x and _y are now optional (Eternal Harvest) - Wrong message in pet capture result (Eternal Harvest) - Fix autovivification in attack Auto tank Mode (Eternal Harvest) - Missing message for failing deal because of storage (Eternal Harvest) - Missing Task:: With Subtask:: DESTROY (Technology) - calc Rect Area checking for nonwalkable tiles on the wrong side (allanon256) - Create log directory recursively (Eternal Harvest) - Empty filenames in "unable to load" errors (Eternal Harvest) - Fixes in plugins processing (Technology) - New vender packet (Technology) - Incoming ingame mail message (Technology) - update (help_us) - Crash after font change in Wx (Technology) - Hotkey packets in XKore 2 (Zloba) - tank Mode for homunculi and mercenaries (Technology) - Indexes were truncated in long cash store list (Eternal Harvest) - Invalid arguments assertion when attacking - nore actors outside of map (Technology) - Monster name and points in Taekwon Mission (Technology, woozc) - Private message packet structure for ST22 (Ultima Weapon) - "Deal cancelled" spam (Eternal Harvest) - SVN Auto Updater fixes (k Lab Mouse, Eternal Harvest) - Guild allies and enemies (Eternal Harvest) - Crash with Pin Code (k Lab Mouse) - Incorrect storage password on BSD, Linux (Eternal Harvest) - Conf blocks of the same type in different files (Eternal Harvest) - target_hp for mercenaries (Eternal Harvest) - Encoding (Technology) - Do not teleport to avoid monster when already dead (BMP) - Guild creation (k Lab Mouse) - Do not query GMs with getplayerinfo (k Lab Mouse) - Exp, member titles and jobs display in guild info (Technology) - Assert in Actor List (Technology) - Crash in party S_not Party Only (Technology) - Hp percent assumed to be 0 when max hp is undefined (Technology) - Confured char Block Size had no effect for some STs (kaliwanagan) - master _packet with XKore 1 (Technology) - Some statuses couldn't be recognized (johnny) - Orinal names in sll and petl (Technology) - Rental items (Technology) - Walk speed (Technology) - smart Heal interaction with Meditatio and mercenaries (Technology) - Matk and walk speed for mercenaries (Technology) - mercenary_when Status Active self condition (Technology) - Mercenary was not removed when it's duty is over (Technology) - Crash when receiving NPC buy list after NPC cancel (Ultima Weapon) - Heal target display for Potion Pither (Eternal Harvest) ========================= ### Open Kore 2.0.7 ========================= - Feature: additional "label" parameter "block" to change conf block header. Syntax: conf | block) [new_value] Examle: conf apples Etc.block Meat - Feature: route_avoid Walls conf option. Manual patch works only for pending patches, not for missed patches. You can also download rsu.merge and merge the patches with the GRF of. I've already patched my kRO Client but i saw this notification. i dont know.

RO <strong>Patcher</strong> Lite, v2.4.15.746 - last updated 2017/04/01 - Client.

RO Patcher Lite, v2.4.15.746 - last updated 2017/04/01 - Client. - Fixed: Pets are no longer being seen as monsters, support for extended pet packet(Technology) - Feature: Mercenary&Homun controlling (Eternal Harvest) - Feature: Mercenary&Homun handling (Eternal Harvest) - Fixed: Monster-based mercenaries detection (Eternal Harvest) - Fixed: status timer support (Technology) - Fixed: XKore 2 on 8_5 (Technology) - Feature: Hotkey support for XKore 2 (Technology) - Feature: Ingame auction support (Technology) - Feature: Ingame mail support (Technology) - Fixed: item ID === user ID in packet_useitem hook (k Lab Mouse) - Fixed: Kore can't connect to eu RO (bibian) - Fixed: 3rd class jobs recognition (Technology) - Translations: (h4rry84 Littlewens) - Feature: SVN Auto Updater tool (k Lab Mouse) - Fixed: Posseidon Hack Shit support (k Lab Mouse) - Fixed: stuck when item Take/Gather (Eternal Harvest ) - Fixed: in_game hook (ezza) - Fixed: alchemist and blacksmith ranking points (h4rry84) - Fixed: Hairstyle and haircolor were messed up in character creation (Eternal Harvest ) - Fixed: s usage for server Type 8 using xkore 2 (Technology) - Fixed: walking speed not being sent to the client on xkore 2 (bibian) - Fixed: send weapon/shield apearance to client on xkore 2 (bibian) - Fixed: Let xkore2 handle Sync'ing for server Type 8, 8_1, 8_2, 8_3, 8_4 instead of the RO client. Go download a newer and updated client from other source. then use this. i cant patch my rsu-lite-renewal patcher. but my kro patcher lite patched smooty. 0. My question is that how does the manual patch thing work?

<i>Download</i> - <i>Manual</i> <i>Patch</i> Point Blank

Download - Manual Patch Point Blank (Technology) - Fixed: fix Homunculus sub process Feeding. Download Manual Patch. Version Name 1068 Updated on 18th March 2015. Version Name 1067 Updated on 11th March 2015

Ragnarok Revolution <b>KRO</b> <b>Patch</b> Client - Attribute Gaming Software.

Ragnarok Revolution KRO Patch Client - Attribute Gaming Software. (lastclick thx to: Aib0) - Fixed: send Homunculus Move causing disconnection on server Type 8 family servers (Technology) - Feature: Added load Plugins 3 for skipping plugins. Windows › General › Ragnarok Revolution KRO Patch Client. Ragnarok revolution patch download

Playthisgame - CABAL - Notice - <strong>Manual</strong> <strong>Patch</strong> Available

Playthisgame - CABAL - Notice - Manual Patch Available (sli) - Fixed: fix Monster ed Count if count 9999 (lastclick) - Fixed: kore trying to equip an already equipped item (Technology) - Fixed: lock Map_rand Y, lock Map_rand X (Technology) - Fixed: fix buyauto standpoint & distance (lastclick) - Fixed: fix for: upper, lower, mid headgear from other players not showing up correctly. Download the Manual Patch here. Unzip the file into your existing CABAL folder Default folder name CABAL Online Europe and overwrite existing.

<em>KRO</em> 642 TO B. Free <em>Download</em>, service <em>manual</em>, user <em>manual</em> Hotpoint-.

KRO 642 TO B. Free Download, service manual, user manual Hotpoint-. (Technology) - Fixed: Blacksmith repair s causes disconnect (Technology) - Feature: new conf variable repair Auto_list (Technology) - Fixed: 0072 can also mean 006B (isieo) - Fixed: fix bugs range attack. Free Download, service manual, user manual Hotpoint-Ariston KRO 642 TO B


Freshholding (lastclick thx to: Rumata) - Fixed: min Storage Zeny (lastclick) - Fixed: Optimisation auto Buy (lastclick) - Fixed: not Party Only not working properly in party S block (heero74 thx to: ) - Fixed: Added Server Type 21 support for Demise of Morroc update (code by Ultima Weapon and small fixes by heero) - Fixed: added a missing packet prefix affecting party invite (heero74) - Fixed: couldn't execute console command started with ; from client with server Type 21 (Ultima Weapon) - Fixed: Teleport s level fix for players with teleport level 2. KRO RENEWAL MANUAL PATCH DOWNLOAD Connections to Ragnarok Online. Ragnarok renewal manual patch.

Dragon Nest Europe Free-to-Play Online Action RPG

Dragon Nest Europe Free-to-Play Online Action RPG Manual Patch Download. Manual Patch for 155 to 156. Manual Patch for 154 to 155. Manual Patch for 153 to 154

<em>KRO</em> Full Client Last Update 10/26/2016 - Client Releases - rAthena

KRO Full Client Last Update 10/26/2016 - Client Releases - rAthena NOTE If you want to 'update' your kRO Client just open this patcher. so that you won't get any hassle to download any kRO Clients out there.

<em>Kro</em> ragnarok <em>patch</em> <em>download</em> renewal <em>manual</em>

Kro ragnarok patch download renewal manual Counter strike 1.6 main theme download Kro renewal manual patch download. KRO SAKRAY PATCH RAGNAROK ONLINE Download Ragnarok Online Sakray Patch.

Kro manual patch download:

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