Dye hyper 2 regulator manual

Lilill. I' r" I III. I - P8ntbox We've been getting a lot of requests for either service manuals or tech related questions based on basic paintball gun repair or reassembly. SPACER MO. 9 at too hh of a velocity. with the regulator pressure set at 130fps, it is better to. READ OWNER'S MANUAL BEFORE. 3TH. pressure, insert the Spacer Body Mod and 1-2 Inserts to. The Hyper?

Dye Hyper 2 Regulator Manual - huqfl.us It's my hopes to use this list as a resource I can refer people to or have you bookmark it and use it when you need help. Title Dye Hyper 2 Regulator Manual Author {Miami University LibrariesCorvallis-Benton County Public LibraryThe Loaves and Fishes LibraryBritish LibraryLibrary of.

Paintball Marker Manuals Orings-Online, Your only source for O. Paintball is a fun sport when you have everything you need. If you have a manual that is not listed here, please let us know, or email it to us and we will add it to the list! If you are a representitive of one of the companies whose manual is posted here and do not. Myth Regulator. Hyper 2 · M5 · M6 · M7 · M8 · PMR · Rail 08 · Rail 2010 · Rail 2011 · Reflex Rail 2011. Crome · Crome 2.

Owner's manual - DYE M2 If you bought your gun new you should have received a manual with it. To turn the eyes on or off, press and hold the joystick down for 2 seconds. Blue Boot sequence. The velocity is CONTROLLED through the Hyper5 regulator. The Hyper5 is preset. HYPER 5 PRESSURE. SERVICE SCHEDULE.

Dye Precision - Hyper 2 - PbNation Always keep your manuals, put them in a box some where safe. Only other regulators I can recommend are any Plant Eclipse Regs, 2-Liter, and the Sidewinder. Those are a lot better but cost more to. The Hyper 2 Regulator is.

Dye hyper 2 regulator manual:

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