Cp-3007 ultrasonic distance measurer manual

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Find Answers Fast - Browse Results Instantly com Color: Yellow With laser point aiming Foot/Meter function button LCD screen on a luminous background Auto stop: switches off if you do not press any key for 4 min. Search for Information Here. Find Quick Results and Explore Answers Now!

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Home and Garden Memory: allows you to measure and to store 3 different measures Calculation of area and volume. Explore Distance Ultrasonic Discover More on When.com!

<i>CP-3007</i> <i>ULTRASONIC</i> <i>DISTANCE</i> <i>MEASURER</i> <i>MANUAL</i>

CP-3007 ULTRASONIC DISTANCE MEASURER MANUAL Addition and Subtraction function: allows you to add or subtract 2 measures. Name Cp-3007 Ultrasonic Distance Measurer Manual File size 24 MB Date added June 16, 2013 Price Free Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Total downloads 1160

CP-3008 1.8Ultrasonic Distance Measurer with Red Laser Pointer." />

CP-3008 1.8" LCD Ultrasonic Distance Measurer with Red Laser Pointer. Clearing of memory function: allow you to delete quickly all the measures stored. CP-3008 1.8" LCD Ultrasonic Distance Measurer with Red Laser Pointer. - English user manual included. Dimensions 6.10 in x 2.72 in x 1.85 in.

<strong>CP-3007</strong> <strong>ULTRASONIC</strong> <strong>DISTANCE</strong> <strong>MEASURER</strong> OWNERS <strong>MANUAL</strong>

CP-3007 ULTRASONIC DISTANCE MEASURER OWNERS MANUAL Correction of errors: the distance measurer indicates that a distance measured is either too long, or too short. Whether you’re building a complex Web site or conducting academic research, this Cp-3007 Ultrasonic Distance Measurer Owners Manual can help you build searchable.

<b>Manual</b> Trena Laser Cp 3007 -

Manual Trena Laser Cp 3007 - If you have already purchased this product, please click here to write a short review and receive 10-50 DM Points. Manual Trena Laser Cp 3007. CP-3007 Ultrasonic Distance Measurer COMO UTILIZAR. English manual. 1Pc CP-3007 laser distance

<i>Cp-3007</i> <i>Manual</i> Portugues - skinvecwellfurs.files.

Cp-3007 Manual Portugues - skinvecwellfurs.files. If you are considering buying this product, you are very welcome to click here and submit your inquiry and we will reply as soon as possible. Cp-3007 Manual Portugues Ultrasonic Laser Distance Meter Measure CP-3007 Handheld LCD 18 Meter 60 Feet Range. Economy choice for a ultrasonic distance measurer.

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Cp-3007 ultrasonic distance measurer manual:

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