Rocktron hush super c manual german

Rocktron HUSH Super C Stereo Guitar Noise Reduction System. Rocktron Hush Super C - stereo noise reduction system in which a single set of HUSH Threshold and Gate Threshold controls are used to manipulate both channels simultaneously. The Rocktron HUSH Super C Guitar Noise Reducer exterminates annoying hisses. And to the ones who complain about no on/off switch, again read the manual.

HUSH Super C Guitar Noise Reduction - Rocktron - Technology for. The Super C is equipped with an effect in/out (or bypass), and an input sensitivity switch conveniently located on the unit’s front panel. Forget about noise gates, Rocktron’s HUSH Super C noise reduction is the ultimate noise exterminator for guitar players. Download Manual

Rocktron Hush Super C - Thomann UK With a dynamic range of 105d B and 72d B of effective noise reduction, the Super C becomes a valuable tool in every guitar player’s rack. Rocktron Hush Super C. German 5 French 1 Spanish 2 €214 £185.58. Manual; Online guides. Guitar Multi FX; Guitar Setups; Smart Navator.

<strong>Rocktron</strong> <strong>HUSH</strong> <strong>Super</strong> C Stereo Guitar Noise Reduction System.
<strong>HUSH</strong> <strong>Super</strong> C Guitar Noise Reduction - <strong>Rocktron</strong> - Technology for.
<strong>Rocktron</strong> <strong>Hush</strong> <strong>Super</strong> C - Thomann UK
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Rocktron hush super c manual german:

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