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The Torture Convention & Appendix M of the <b>Army</b> <b>Field</b>

The Torture Convention & Appendix M of the Army Field This directive was advertised as an overhaul and improvement on earlier detainee operations and included a newly rewritten Army Field Manual for Human Intellence Collector Operations (FM-2-22-3). torture policy were championing the new AFM as an appropriate "single-standard" model of detainee treatment. Although the Army Field Manual contains a number of express and implied. Third Although Separation is billed as an interrogation que.

Human Intellence Collector Operations US <b>Army</b> <b>Field</b>

Human Intellence Collector Operations US Army Field Department of Defense, reeling from at least a dozen investations into detainee by interrogators, released Directive 2310.01E. This version of the Army Field manual on interrogations, FM-2-22-3, was published in September 2006. In contrast to the previous version of the.

The <strong>Army</strong> <strong>Field</strong> <strong>Manual</strong> - TIME

The Army Field Manual - TIME This guidebook for interrogators was meant to set a humane standard for U. interrogators worldwide, a standard that was respectful of the Geneva Conventions and other U. and international laws concerning treatment of prisoners. Bush was sning a presidential directive allowing the CIA to conduct other, secret "enhanced interrogation ques," which may or may not have included waterboarding, the new AFM was sold to the public as a return to civilized norms, in regards to interrogation. Support for implementing the revised AFM, as a replacement for the hated "enhanced" ques earlier championed by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and the CIA, began to appear in legislation out of Congress, in the literature of human-rhts organizations and in newspaper editorials. The book lays out 19 interrogation ques permitted by law and prohibits nine categories of others, including. September 2006. The Army Field Manual itself is specific; it includes precise instructions on the steps U. S.

FM 34-52 Intellence <b>Interrogation</b> -

FM 34-52 Intellence Interrogation - Some rhts s have felt the new AFM offered some improvements by banning repellent interrogation tactics, such as waterboarding, use of nudity, military dogs and stress positions. The US Army Field Manual on Interrogation, sometimes known by the military nomenclature FM. On September 6, 2006, the U. S. Army announced the publication of Field Manual FM 2-22.3, "Human Intellence Collector Operations".

Army field manual interrogation 2006:

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