Bt350 bluetooth headset manual

VXi Corp Bluetooth Pairing Instructions The Jabra BT350 headset makes talking on your cell phone convenient and safe while you are on the go. Access the VXi V100 and BlueParrott wireless headset pairing Instructions.

Jabra Headset User Manuals and Support Information Retrevo You should ensure you take the proper steps while setting up and using the headset. Jabra BT125 Quick Start • User Manual • Specifications. BT135. Jabra BT320S User Manual • Specifications • Software Guide. Jabra BT350 User Manual.

Review Jabra BT350 Bluetooth Headset Windows Central Otherwise you may risk breaking it, draining the battery or causing yourself pain. TreoCentral's James Hromadka reviews the Jabra BT350 bluetooth. requiring me to attack it with scissors to get the headset and manual out.

Manuals and Guides Support Plantronics Keep headset and phone no less than 3 inches and no more than 3 feet apart while pairing. Hold down the headset’s multi-function button (MFB) until the lhts alternate red and blue or you hear the audio prompts “Power On” and then “Discovering.” IMPORTANT: Wait for both audio prompts or the alternating blue and red lhts. Turn the two devices you want to connect to back on and then turn on the headset. Once the phone discovers the headset, VXi B250-XT will appear in your phone’s device list. The phone may prompt you to connect to the headset. Cal requirements. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for all PDF documentation. Adobe Flash is required for all interactive user guides.

Bt350 bluetooth headset manual:

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