Actaris sl7000 manual download

SL7000 According to the IEC standards, these meters allow recording multiple low curves with local or remote communication possibilities on simultaneous communication paths (RS232 and RS485 ports). SL7000. Static Meter with. MID certification submetering applications for low, medium voltage networks. 325x180 mm. Three-phase 3 or 4 wire network.

Kalkitech SYNC 5000 Meter Data Acquisition System Desned for direct or through transformer connection with a power supply with self scaling power source, and for a broad measurement range, these types of meters can be used in a variety of applications including industrial and commercial consumers, distribution networks and electricity production companies- C114 – C116 - Actaris 114 and 116 ranges meters are Ferraris three-phased meters, ideal for meeting the requirements of domestic consumers, commercial and small industrial consumers, as well as those of electricity suppliers.- ACE2000 - ACE2000 meter is a single-phase active energy meter, with internal real time clock; includes a wide lhted LCD display, with the possibility to read the data on the display even when the meter is not powered. SYNC 5000 support standards based IEC-62056 DLMS/ COSEM, Modbus RTU/. ALL generic Modbus meters; Actaris SL6000 and SL7000; EDMI – MK6E.

ACE6000 and ACE SL7000 Electricity meters Residential I'm trying to use the gurux GXDLMSDirector to test communication with an Actaris SL7000 but still without success. ACE6000 and ACE SL7000. The two meters are fully programmed with the help of the dedicated Actaris AIMS PRO, software used not only for programming.

Actaris sl7000 manual download:

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